Heathcliff Steele




Paladin and Hero of Sandpoint. Heathcliff has a long history of sadness. Thanks to his drinking he ended up paying some bandits to kill his wife and enslave his daughter Rose. The bandit leader later gave up his life of evil and instead saved Aliha from slavery in the capitol. Heathcliff found forgiveness in his patron deity Iomedae. When the final battle against the Runelord Karzog came to pass Heathcliff sacrificed his life to trap Karzog in his body, believing his death would also kill Karzog. However, Bee took him into the Fey Wilds where Bee used all his godly energy and the remaining Shards of the Oath Maker, to heal Heathcliff. However, Bee was unable to stop Karzog from reviving as well so Heathcliff agreed to take on the burden of keeping Karzog imprisoned inside his mind. Later Aliha would remove Karzog and finally end his life.

Heathcliff Steele

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