Eox Rising

Session 5

Having defeated golems and confronted Arrieta the PCs find the Eye Of Verces. Unfortunately Willard touches it first and has found it to be quite attached to his arm. Things are getting interesting…

Session 4

The PC decided to enter the Sunken Queen and find out what activated the ruin. The end up making peace with the boggards in the marsh and fight Mobogo. Now inside the ruin they have taken a rest…

Session 3

Sandpoint is now in the hands of the PCs. They are charged with rebuilding and scouting the land. They discovered some information about the Sunken Queen and found Yukimi Steele in Riddleport, having taken control for the port. She comes back to Sandpoint with goods and ships. She gives the PCs information on how to take down Eox Bone Sages.

Session 2

Fought Baelish. Sherry beat diplomacy check. He ran. Grom takes back Sandpoint. Gillian, Jake’s npc girlfriend killed by Heathcliff. Buggy and Faust survive.

Session 1

Jake meets Buggy the bug bear. Ben fights Zuel the half giant and wins. Sherry duals Edward and wins respect for returning money.
Found Gill and Lilian.


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