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  • Aliha

    Queen of the Elves. Home is Shalalu. Friend of Sandpoint. Adopted daughter of Sheriff Hemlock. Under stress thanks to Eox invasion.

  • Bee aka Beehizlibee

    God Prince of the Fey Wilds. Bee is a quick talking and fun loving person.He has control of the 'doors' into the Wilds and he loves to enter our realm to 'live' with normals. He is very powerful but the Eox have begun to corrupt his realm and that is …

  • Quint and Jaffery

    Quint and Jaffery are both solar agents sent to our plane to protect the world. Quint has spent most of his mortal life learning of the past.

  • Zuel

    Zuel the half giant loves power and strenght. He is a friend of Amikeo

  • G'Quann

    Head mage of the Elven city-state, Shalalu. Master Of Necromancy. Grand Vizier to Queen Aliha. Wed to the Captain of the Royal Guard, a Dark Elf. Many Death Knights also serve in the Royal Guard, but they answer directly to G'Quann. He has taken on Lilith …

  • Ameiko Kaijitsu

    Wife of Heathcliff and owner of the Sandpoint glassworks. She is mother to Rose and Yukimi. She was once a great adventurer but has since settled down.

  • Heathcliff Steele

    Paladin and Hero of Sandpoint. Heathcliff has a long history of sadness. Thanks to his drinking he ended up paying some bandits to kill his wife and enslave his daughter Rose. The bandit leader later gave up his life of evil and instead saved Aliha …

  • Rose Steele

    Blood daughter of Heathcliff and his first wife, she lived her life as a slave of Magnimar until G'Quen saved her. Now the Mayor of Sandpoint she works with Aliha to take care of the growing number of refugees fleeing the Eox.

  • Yukimi Steele

    Fleet Master and harbor mast of Sandpoint. She is harsh and aggressive. She dislikes her father for leaving her alone to grow up even if he was stuck in the Fey Wilds. She has a few issues with her sister Rose always taking the 'nice' path like her …

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