“Golarion is under siege from beyond the veil of darkness. The Eox have come to take the world as their own. Emotion long since has left their dead bodies and eternity has strengthened their minds to only logic. Their ships of bone crashed upon the land releasing thousands of Eox into the streets of every city they took. Few places remain ‘safe’ and even fewer places can be called home. The world is cold. There is no hope. Survive.”

“Two weeks before the invasion, Sandpoint was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ‘true’ return of the Heros of Sandpoint. It was agreed that the day Heathcliff came back from the fey wilds. It was a day of happiness and remembrance. A day for the towns folk to say thanks to the many sacrifices that occured to keep the town from utter destruction. It was a time to drink as well.”
“All the heros return on that day, each with stories to share. Their children came too as it was understood that they may one day take their parents places as heros themselves. Allies would make the trip if they could. The city was alive with music and laughter.”

“In her throne room Queen Aliha would pace in a worried state of paranoia. ‘They want me dead’ she would whisper to herself. In days past, attempts on her life made her change. Were once their was a Queen of Glory there was now the Angry Queen. Even now some elves in her court would ask themselves ’doesn’t she look tired to you?’ She felt alone. And in her loneliness something was growing.”

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